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How it all began...

As a child, I had a love for stuffed toys.  I had a huge collection and even had a display case for showing off my favorite friends!  When I was 13 years old, my mom and I decided to make teddy bears as Christmas presents for friends and family members.  She and I purchased a pattern and some fur and it took off from there.  It's now 19 years later and I am still a member of the world of teddy bears and I have branched off to creating other animals as well.  Now, I make all of my pieces by hand.  I start with drafting the patterns, to selecting the furs, cutting, sewing and assembling.  

Construction and Materials

The teddy bears and animals I create are made out of high quality, imported furs such as mohair and alpaca, along with fabulous faux furs.  

Mohair and alpaca are made out of natural animal furs (angora goat or alpaca) that is sheared off of the animal and milled into a cotton backing, turning it into a fabric that can be manipulated into the pieces I desire to make.  The faux furs come in a variety of materials with solid, non-stretch backs for stability.

I use mostly hand-blown glass eyes in black or other colors.  Noses and stitched accents are out of perle cotton.  The insides of the pieces are stuffed with polyester fiberfil and steel shot along with fiberboard disks and cotterpin hardware for jointing.


I take inspiration from all areas of my life.  Sometimes it takes just picking up a new piece of fur to bring an idea for a new piece.  Sometimes I am inspired by what is in popular media in the USA along with Japanese culture and how that can be interpreted in the fur.  And sometimes I just sketch to find what makes me happy.

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